Daniel Anthony-Ignatius Swanger


"To draw like that you have to be born with it." (Prof. John Knudsen, Harper Jr College, Palatine, IL, intaglio class, 1974).

"The things I have of yours are pretty much Renaissance-Baroque...given breaks you could take off to some pretty high levels....I consider you one of my top ten students..." (Surrealist James Francis Walker, MFA, MA, US Army Major born 1913, Professor School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Elk Grove HS, Elk Grove Village, IL, instructor 1969-1972,  collegiate personal letter of recommendation 1980). 

"Particularly gifted." (art historian Professor Catherine Bock, Ph.D, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, circa 1980).

"More advanced." (Shigeko Kubota, Visiting Artist, video, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, wife of  pioneer of video art Nam June Paik, circa 1982).

"Under the banner of Postmodernism...Daniel Anthony-Ignatius Swanger...proclaims his kinship to Bouguereau and the 19th century in carefully painted canvases." "Hail, great artist! You are on my list," (Harold Haydon, "Exhibit a Multi-Faceted Portrait," Chicago Sun-Times, March 19, 1982 and Christmas, 1985 personal letter).

"By now we've all heard of Postmodernism...." (Harry Bourus, "Art and Artists," Sunday art critique, WFMT-FM radio, Chicago, IL 1984).

"Exquisite taste." (artist, collector and hostess Ms. Linda Lewis Kramer, circa 1985).

Postmodernist critical theory: "Post-Modernism: The New Classicism in Art and Architecture," Charles Jencks, Rizzoli Publications, 1987; see French philosopher Jean Baudrillard and Jacques Derrida for deconstruction of art history; post-Structuralist thought.

"A blockbuster success in the artworld." (friend Mr Earl M. Nelson, Chicago, circa 1990).

"It was a big event for a small town like this." (Librarian Evamae Noffke, on the artist's biennial exhibits, Ontario, WI 1990--1996).

"Amazing, talented and beautiful." (Patron and attorney at law Walter Stewart, Bloomfield Hills, MI, in letter December 13, 1994).

"The artist is a master of self-discipline, color, and light. The man is an even more interesting combination of businessman, self-parodying bon vivant, and art historian...his newest oils portray the people and landscapes of Chattanooga with an energy that lights the paintings from within." (Ruth Cartlidge, "An Overnight Success After 35 Years," Chattanooga Pulse weekly, December 15, 2004).

"Colorful and energetic paintings." (Karen Nazor Hill, Town Talk, Chattanooga Times-Free Press, October 7, 2005).

"He's a great artist." (Ron Littlefield, Mayor of Chattanooga, at Heritage House arts and civic center and Heritage Park opening exhibition, April 1, 2006).

"Diverse and ambitious artistic endeavors." (Virginia Gregory, "Renaissance Man," Chattanooga Times-Free Press, October 25, 2006).

"Well-known painter Daniel Swanger....began his career to compete with the old masters.  Mr. Swanger has always enjoyed a classical style of painting with his own touch of realism....now getting more and more into realism." (Brandi Scoggins, "When in Rome..." Chattanooga Times-Free Press, May 14, 2008).

"A jewel of Chattanooga." (artist and artdealer Elizabeth Talmadge of Atlanta, October 2008).

"Daniel's use of oil paints on canvas provides a 'muted color' softness that creates a natural serene feeling, and at the same time, shows character and strength." (Terri Zitrick-Dennehy, artist and gallery director, My Color Image, Chattanooga, June 2010). 

"Daniel is a pro." (Artist and personality Daisy Donna Pratt, Heritage House--Ambi Artists arts collective, circa 2010).

"Beautifully considered composition and content with subtle palette...." (David Richardson, AKA Mr. Mole, Cambridge, UK, speaking of Saatchi Showdown competition piece, "The Fall of Rome," June 25, 2012).

"...a great inspiration to others."  (Nanette Patterson Brown, business manager at Association for Visual Arts, Chattanooga, Facebook, September 18, 2012).

 "Your skill and your unique point of view..." (David Jones, Graffiti, a Hill City art joint, December 18, 2013).

(Concerning A TREASURED KEEPSAKE OF ART): "A fabulous use of material from the classics, Daniel A Swanger." (Bestselling poet and poetry editor Ray Zimmerman, Chattanooga, TN, July 27, 2014, Goodreads online review, four of five stars); "This book is written, and perhaps, edited, at the highest professional level of its chosen subjects." (Editor, Strategic Book Group, 2010).

(Concerning the "Venus of Chattanooga"): "...fairly voluptuous and attractively rendered with an interesting palette." (Michael Crumb, "Floor to Ceiling Expression," PULSE, Aug. 14, 2014).

"Daniel fits my definition of a successful artist, since his art is always selling." (Chris Holley, manager-director of  Heritage House arts and civic center, and of Ambi Artists arts collective, Chattanooga, TN, January 2015).

"When Collegedale's Theodora Sayne saw the portrait, she 'almost fell over.' The likeness staring back had truly captured her family...in a Venetian Renaissance style." (Katie Ward, "Artist Swanger creates likeness of area family," Metro Weekly, Community Times-Free Press, Feb 25, 2015).

(Concerning "The Bar at AVA Gallery," AVA Gallery All-Member Salon Show): "There are many examples of representational oil painting, fine brush work, and impressionism...Daniel Swanger's classy oil on canvas [is an example] of this trend." (Tony Mraz, "The Wow Factor on Frazier Ave.," The PULSE, August 19, 2015).

"Larry Gagosian has said that he thinks non-academic realism is the Next Big Thing (NBT) like abstraction in the 20th c. Glad! Am I next?" (Tweet, Daniel A. I. Swanger @danielaiswanger, 20 Dec 2015; quoting: "After decades--some might say well over a century--of standing aside while Duchamp joked and Pollock flung paint, figurative art is about to step into the spotlight and become the 'next big thing.' " (John Seed, "Hell Has Frozen Over: Figurative Art is Poised to Become the 'Next Big Thing,' " Huffpost Arts & Culture/the blog, 11-30-2015, updated 12-1-2015).

"Congratulations on your success."  (artist, internationally-known Guggenheim Fellow, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Professor, painting, Ms Michiko Itatani, email, January 2, 2016; artist's senior projects professor, SAIC, 1981-1982).

Celebrity artist Jeff Koons following Daniel Swanger's Pinterest board, October 2016--April 2017.

 (Concerning "The Homeless" oil on canvas, 1989): "It is so full of emotion, a painting that you would never forget." (Facebook and Saatchi artist James Earley, Southampton, UK, writing from Bellegarde-du-Razes, March 4, 2017).


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